Top Clothing

  • Red Apple tops include very stylish sweat, body, chemise, tshirt, triko categories.

  • Tops are produced with high quality french fabrics which let us guarantee the two facts: No pubescence and No color fading.

  • We provide tops that apply to every taste, body shape and size.

  • Hand Made products are very dominant in our collections and this differentiates our brand and makes it unique.

  • Crystals and beads used bu our designers have very high quality and let our brand describe as ''Shining Elegance''

Body Production

  • Monthly Body Production Capacity: 10.000 pieces

  • High quality fabrics containing Viscose Lycra are used.

  • No pubescence and No color fading is guaranteed.

  • High quality fabrics and crystals are always kept in stock.

  • Crystal embroidery on bodies are applied with the team so each item is produced very carefully.

  • Minimum 100 pieces per model may be produced for your label.

Attention to Customers

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